Day at the Park

Fun day at the park with family and friends. Ladies High School Fastpitch Softball game going on so I took some sports shots.

First up the batters I love the look of determination in the face of the athletes.

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I love the stop motion effect to show the mechanics of a pitch that are missed in the seconds between windup and delivery:

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And to finish some pics of my niece running around and eating watermelon. She was much more interested in finding ladybugs in the grass than the game but she is only two and 1/2 lol

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Spring Adventure

Nice spring day for Montana: sunshine, rain, snow, and back to sun 😀  Starting off with some old wood grain elevators that are falling victim to time and the elements. Not sure how many storms these two will stand.


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Thought this cross on top of a church looked cool


The next two are my favorite shots from the drive. Typical Montana scene “Cattle & Mountains”

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Finish up with some more mountain scenes.

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Hope you enjoyed coming along on my drive let me know what you think of the photos.