Ft Robinson Nebraska to Salina Kansas

Day 3 Rambling:  Below are scenes from a beautiful morning spent at Ft Robinson State Park and Chadron State Park in Northwest Nebraska:

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC The scenery at Ft Robinson is as wonderful as the people. Plains full of antelope rolling hills, buttes, hidden canyons, and clear blue lakes. Buffalo and long horn cattle roam the open range.

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCTexas Longhorn cattle are impressive. Tough looking even without the big horns. Those were men back in the day who drove herds numbering in the hundreds over 1000 miles up from Texas to Montana. Ft Robinson sits along the Texas Cattle Trail where so many passed by and a few never returned. The last pic of the monument is the grave site of First LT. Levi Robinson who gave his life during the Indian Wars. Since his portrait hung in the room where I stayed that night I thought it only fitting he gives us all a reminder that freedom isn’t free. Take a moment to thank a vet and pray for our servicemen and women.

SONY DSC SONY DSC View from the top of the ridgeline at Chadron State Park looking toward the black hills. Ft Robinson and Chadron are 2 of the nicest state parks I have visited! I loved the carving of the cross inside the heart shaped piece of wood. A great reminder it wasn’t nails that held Christ to the cross but His love for us.  Pay a visit to these 2 state parks. Both feature beautiful scenery, wildlife viewing, hiking and at Ft Chadron their our wagon rides and many fun activities if you have kids along and what a great opportunity to combine a lesson in history and natural beauty.

SONY DSCThe Platte River Nebraska! Following the Platte River takes you back in time. Along the Platte were branches of the Oregon, Mormon, Pony Express, and Texas Cattle Drive Trail. It is as if the whole history, myth, and legends of the west have been brought together in one place. Read any fiction or non fiction accounts of the old west and the rivers of Nebraska are found there. The Platte, the Canadian, The Broad French.  SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC Above are pictures representative of so many of the small towns of Nebraska and Kansas. I don’t know how old the buildings in the 1st pic are but we can guess by how long ago you could get a coke of 5 cents. It was taken in Boyse Nebraska. The last 2 were taken in Herndon Kansas just a few miles south of the Nebraska line. It was one of those moments of odd serendipidity I love to find on my travels. The town shares my last name and the name of the church is Immanuel Baptist which shares the name of the church I am a member of in Havre Montana. How cool is that.

SONY DSC This picture was taken in southern Nebraska but I thought it was a picture that symbolized the importance of farming to Kansas/Nebraska, the USA, and the World. The Great Plains are truly the breadbasket of the World.

And last but not least a picture of the teepee I stayed in on the Saline River (another river of history think of all the history those waters have seen flow by) It was so awesome to think of a boy born in Florida who finds himself in the wild and wonderful land of Montana for so long and then one day camping under the stars in a teepee in Kansas. It was like being transported back in time, a moment one remembers as breathless, historic, and timeless.


Fire & Ice Winter In Montana

The beautiful colors at Sunrise and Sunset reflected by the snow always remind me of a mix of fire and ice.

Here is a Sunrise early on January 2nd taken outside my work. 



That same day I had to travel east across the high plains through an amazing scene left by an Ice Fog that had moved in New Years night. We only get those a few times in winter when the conditions are right for fog not often in the dry air of winter and more rarely no wind!

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and to end some Sunset pics from Christmas Day out at a good friends ranch.

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Relaxing Drives and Peaceful Spots

Last weekend it was a quest to find a peaceful spot in the mountains close to where I live. I think I succeeded it was very relaxing by the little beaver pond and as a bonus ripe wild huckleberries to pick.

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This weekend it was to take some relaxing rides down roads I had never been on before I found two of them one between Rudyard and Big Sandy Montana and the other between Chester and Ft Benton Montana. Bonus find the Dancing Beagle Cafe and Bakery which just opened 2 weeks before and has great food and friendliest staff around!! If you are travelling Hwy 2 across Montana pull off into Rudyard and eat that Dancing Beagle –isn’t that the best name for a cafe 😀

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many of my photos are available for purchase at my webstore at www.zazzle.com/shadowriverphoto

Preserving the Past

Within this post are some of my favorite shots which are also available on my web store. zazzle.com/shadowriverphoto  I don’t try push my family and friends into buying my photo artwork and I consider my WordPress followers part of my extended network of friends but I am working very hard to bring awareness to the  need to preserve the history of the American West. The old west pioneers and the native american cultures are a period unique in our history and really unique to the world. Most of my pictures are done in small towns are deep in the back country which don’t see a lot of visitors and yet have so many stories of our shared history that are being lost to time, the elements, and development. In these tough economic times with limited budgets most of the preservation dollars go into sites that bring in the tourist dollars and never reach the smaller towns and communities. Just this past year a bank built in 1913 and one of the origional log cabins in Ft Benton Montana were lost to fire. As these buildings are lost and the children and grandchildren pass the stories, the history of these places becomes lost to all us of. I work as a patient representative to pay my bills so my sales from the web store allow me to travel, take the photographs, meet with newspaper representatives and preservation societies and local communities to help promote, preserve, and protect these places.

The web store offers Canvas Prints, Framed Prints, and Posters to fit any budget and decor. You can also take the prints and create your own postcards with your own text (less than 2 dollars) and create unique products like kindle or Ipad covers. Like I said I am not pushing my Word Press friends to buy the products although if  you want to well Yippee but if you no someone who is looking for photo art from the American West or who wants to help preserve history send to the blog or directly to the web store. From the blog you can follow the link in this post or go to the order prints page and click on the link there. If there is a photo in my blogs that you are interested in that do not appear in the store (I am constantly updating) let me know I can usually have it posted in the store for sale withing 48 hours.

Thank you so much for your support to all my followers and viewers from around the world thank you for your likes, views, and comments they mean so much to me and I love reading your posts and try to do it as often as possible.

Early 1900s 1 room schoolhouse at Loma, Montana

Early 1900s 1 room schoolhouse at Loma, Montana

The Next Generation

Native Dancer Chippewa Cree

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Sunday Drive to the Badlands

The Milk River runs outside of town through an area known locally as the badlands. I took a drive along the road that runs up against the bad land cliffs and follows, then looses, and then finds the river again.


I pulled off and took a couple of shots of the red colored cliffs. The badlands have their own unique stark beauty. Different colors in the rocks, weird formations, etc. Beauty is where you find it.

007 006

I like this balancing rock it looks like a giant mushroom.


There were also some man made art I discovered along the way, I will have to go back there are some more of these fence post sculptures I want to photograph. I like the dude doing the sombrero dance lol It looks like he’s waving.  Its like “Hey hat dancing dude, hows it going?”

003 004 010


Horses!  Life has hard trails to travel make sure you saddle a good horse to ride.




I think these last picks in Sepia tone show why the area is called the badlands. A photo of the cliffs and an old small cross on the prairie.

015 014




Pioneer Story

I have a pioneer story in which 2 of the photographs I posted figure prominently. I met an elderly couple in my office who saw some of my framed pictures. The gentleman told me a great story involving his parents from the early days last century. The first picture is the Galata Motel in Galata Montana.


The 8 room hotel was built to serve cowboys who drove their cattle to the railroad and ranchers who would stay the night after purchasing supplies at the mercantile. The town only boomed for a few years and then in the 1910’s the hotel and the town began to die off. The Campbell family left to make a new life in the big city of Montana. They travelled as many miles as they could each day with the family and livestock and would sleep in hay stacks at night. Except for the one night when they reached Loma Montana and got to stay in “luxury” at the one room schoolhouse there.

Early 1900s 1 room schoolhouse at Loma, Montana

Early 1900s 1 room schoolhouse at Loma, Montana

That’s the thing I love about getting out and taking these historic photos so many of which are close to my home in Havre Montana. I get to meet the people who lived that history and it brings these old places to life for a little. Its also a driving force behind why I take so many of these historic style photos. To help preserve and protect these places for once the people are gone if those structures are gone as well then those memories and our shared history are lost forever. I am getting very serious about bringing attention to these structures to find agencies or private individuals (since many of them are on private land) to preserve these beautifully haunting structures that represent a time when this nation was being built. I hope through sales of my pictures, this blog, and shows that I do to raise awareness and funds to keep the pioneering spirit and relics of the past was fading away and being lost in time.