What Kind of Future for Our Children

It was Tatonka Iyotanka better known as Sitting Bull of the Lakota people who said: “Let us put our minds together and see what life we can make for our children.” That questions comes to us today what future, what life are we going to leave for our children. outofdarknesstohope  That link goes to my go fund me page to help me continue serving others and making a better future for our children. I have spent most of my life in service to others. I have worked on conservation issues in Florida. Worked with the Homeless in Montana. Worked against health disparities on Native American Reservations and with hunger relief in Tennessee. I have chances to keep serving.  In Nebraska I have an opportunity to work preserving wildlands, helping a town convert to 100% renewable energy and against the effects of the keystone pipeline. Or in the Dakotas and Montana working on Hunger Relief and developing food sovereignty programs with Native American peoples. What stopping me is the money it takes to relocate: rent utilities moving itself although i am a minimalist so my possessions will fit in my car lol. If you can help even in a small way please do. I love helping people, I am passionate about making this world better for our children, Its where my heart is. If you can help even if its just resharing this post or offering words of encouragement please do. Its awkward asking for help believe me. Thank you for reading love, peace, and happiness to you all. If you don’t wish to help this way please find a way to serve in your own community and make the future bright for children everywhere.

Need Your Help To Help Others

This summer I spent in service with an Americorps hunger relief program in rural Tennessee.


Cane chair maker Tennessee

Along with lunches provided to the children by my other amazing team members I delivered over 17,000 pounds of fresh fruits and veggies to the children and their families. It was so amazing. To help understand the struggles faced by the people we serve our pay is based on the poverty rate in that area. My pay was 740 a month for the summer. I burned through my savings to do the work it was so needed and such a wonderful opportunity. I am blessed to have been offered other service opportunities but need help as they all require me to relocate and I just don’t have the funds to do it. I have opportunities in South Carolina working to help people transition off of assistance to being financially stable. In Nebraska to work with conservation efforts to bring jobs to rural Nebraska and help a town reach its goal of 100% renewable energy sources. One in the western United States working with Native American Tribes on hunger relief and food sovereignty. If you can help I have set up a go fund me page for donations to help with moving costs, renting a new place, and getting utilities turned on. I have worked most of my life in service to and helping others it is my passion. My heart goes out to people in need and I have worked to help Native peoples and rural people in Montana and rural groups in Tennessee and many places in between. I hate asking for help for myself but if you can please click on the link below out of darkness to hope.  outofdarknesstohope