Random Adventure Drive

I cannot wait for spring to get here so I can get even more shots to put up; but here are some from today’s adventure drive.
The first three are from a little stop in the road called Lohman between Havre and Chinook Montana. Two of them are of one the little roadside motel/campsites that dotted our landscapes before the coming of the interstate. From the days when a roadtrip meant seeing the countryside not moving from point A to point B the quickest way possible. I love how the advertising still reads “Modern Cabins”



This picure is an older brick building eroding slowly to dust.


From Chinook, Montana (I will be back after Memorial Day when its Musuems are open and the Nez Perce Battlefield is not all snow covered to provide everyone with some shots of a really cool little town and an important historic site) I headed south toward the town of Cleveland. Took some pics along the way to share with my readers. In 20 miles one way I passed only one other car it makes it nice when snow is right up to the edge of the road that you can just stop in the middle of the highway and shoot some pics lol 😛

Here are 3 white tail deer that were also out exploring today.005

Next are 3 photos of a mountian at the very end of the Bear’s Paw Mountain Range. I believe it is Miles Butte but it could be McCanns butte and it is about 5000 feet high.

009 010 011

This next photo is the epitomy of back roads in Montana:  Hay-Oil & Mountians:


Finally a steeple from the Methodist Church in Chinook and an iron sculpture of Jesus and little lambs also from that church. And some giant sunflower scultures frm around town in Chinook I think they are as eager for spring to arrive as I am.






Early Morning Drive

My new car allows me to be more mobile so I can get out and get some new pics to post: happiness!


Adventure Car!! Stylish and oh so fun to drive. its always ready to go.  This morning I got up early and took it for a drive in the Bear’s Paw Mts. south of Havre Montana in Beaver Creek Park. It is the largest county park in the USA and was one part of the Ft Assiboine Military Reservation and supplied water, timber, and hay for the fort. You can still hike the old wagon trail that ran from the fort to the upper reaches of the park. Image

On the way I stopped to take this picture of the rising sun lighting up the snow on the peaks of the Sweet Grass Hills nearly 60 miles Northwest of Havre, gotta love clean Montana air.


Little Red Barn bringing some color to the white landscape. Following are pictures from the drive through the park its scenery and some deer that came out to play in the snow.ImageImage


Color even in winter!