A Walk In The Woods

A walk along the lake shore and the woods. The fall colors are starting to show so it inspired me to get out and take a lil walk.

DSCN0558 DSCN0559

Along the lake.

DSCN0542 DSCN0543 DSCN0545

Deeper in the woods. Its hard to see in this pick but this tree is huge the first limb to the right is almost 8 feet around.


Sometimes you find odd scenes deep in old woods like this square cut piece of stone. Like an old cold stone altar unwarmed by the bright sun all around it.


Odd twisted vines and stumps of trees were around it. The biggest strand of vines looked like a giant spider striding through a forest.


Glacier National Park Two Medicine and Many Glacier

Part II of my Glacier Park adventure featuring scenes from the Two Medicine and Many Glacier entrances to the park. To get to the Two Medicine entrance the prettiest way is by taking Montana Hwy 49 north from the town of East Glacier. You will have an amazing drive through beautiful forests on a winding mountain road with plenty of views of the larger Lower Two Medicine Lake. After visiting the park continue north on Hwy 49 it will rejoin Montana Hwy 89 that takes you to the main entrance at St. Mary’s or north a few more miles to the Many Glaciers entrance at Babb Montana. Be prepared for some white knuckled fun on the second portion of the road as it climbs over two medicine ridge at 6000 feet with sheer rock walls on one side and a drop of 2000 feet to the valley floor on the other with no guard rails but spectacular views.

The first series of shots is of Running Eagle Falls. This is a unique twin fall, the smaller upper fall combines with the lower main falls that pours out from a cave in the cliff wall really amazing affect.

006 008 009


After a short drive from these falls you come to Two Medicine Lake and some of the most beautiful scenery you will see anywhere.

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You can take a boat ride on the lake or hike some of the nearby trails.

Next are some scenes from the Many Glaciers part of the park watch for Grizzlies!!

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