Being Hungry in America

If you want the literal definition of things like food sovereignty and what a food desert is you can google in. But here is what they really mean to people thru their own voices. “I come from a culture of warriors and hunters and that was how you provided for your family. But jobs are scarce on the reservation and I can’t find one so I go to the tribal office and fill out some papers to prove I am poor and then twice a month I go to the community center and get food in a box off the back of a truck and I am ashamed and have no dignity…” Lakota Warrior South Dakota 2010.  “This food your giving me sure helps. Hey can you go by my friends house if you have extra or take some of mine to him. He has it worse than me, I have running water he doesn’t have electricity or running water.” Hancock County Tennessee 2017 “The doctor says I need to manage my diabetes better. Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables. But there is one little mart on the reservation like a convenience store even when there is fresh fruit it is 3 times as much as the grocery store in town so I can’t afford it. I don’t have a car to drive the 50 mile round trip to the stores off the rez and couldn’t make it in winter even if I did so what am I supposed to do.” Grandmother Chippewa Cree People Montana.

Food sovereignty, eliminating food deserts, and alleviating food scarcity its about dignity, hope, and about not dying sooner than other people because you don’t have enough food or nutritious food available to you. Its about your grandmother managing her health and your children not crying because their hungry at night, and not making a choice between electricity and food.

Get involved, make a difference, stand up for what’s right, and stop food waste. If you would like to help me help others you can donate at outofdarknesstohope