Waterfalls Old Homesteads and Fun Stuff

Here are a variety of pics from some exploring the few days enjoy!


Urban Hiking can produce some cool shots–under the Nrtherland Inn rd bridge Kingsport TN


The way the rocks are naturally stacked and the water falling made a perfect zen moment


Me at one of the settler buildings brought to the park–Laurel Run Park Church Hill TN


Cooling off and enjoying the waterfall


Mountain Laurel after which the park and stream are named–can you spot the butterfly?


Close up of the Laurel Run Falls


This tree was so huge and cool you can also see an old homestead behind it.



this would have been nice in its day a porch and 2 fireplaces


trail friend


Laurel Run Falls Hike

This is a fun trail and a good training one you can connect into the Bays Mt trail and hike 15 miles on it but I didn’t do that today. I am proud because it is steep 1200′ elev gain in 1 mile, rocky, roots, and stream crossings so its good for people who want to gain more experience hiking and you get to see a couple of little waterfalls along the way. Laurel Run Park is very nice the staff are friendly and put a huge amount of effort into trail maintenance the past year and drainage, trail width and surface, and blaze and trail signage are awesome. It is like hiking a trail now in previous years it was wet enough to be like hiking up a creek lol.

Here is the little falls water levels were very low.

And my meditation spot at the end and the Holston R. where Lauren Run flows into. The park has picnic areas ballfields disc golf and fishing along the Holston.


Fall Colors Hike

Early morning hike on a drizzly day to get some pics of the fall colors in the mountains of northeast Tennessee.

Start of the trail.


Seriously who wouldn’t love to hike this trail.


Fall Colors along the lake shore.

DSCN0570 DSCN0577 DSCN0574 DSCN0572 DSCN0583 DSCN0580

I love the colors along with the deep blue of the water and against the green of the hemlocks.

DSCN0590 DSCN0575

so pretty and peaceful perfect meditation trail.


Across the beaver pond on another of the floating bridges on the trail.


Even the little trees and plants were decked out in fall colors.

DSCN0598 DSCN0586 DSCN0578

The leaves were the star of the show.


Woods all shining in green and gold.

DSCN0584 DSCN0593

Mother Nature is the true creative artist as photographers we just record her art.


Last shot from the trail and the sleepy wolf pack.

DSCN0599 DSCN0564

End of Autumn

Autumn isn’t quite over yet but each weekend more leaves have fallen and the snow has crept lower down on the mountains.

053 052

The colors are still beautiful!

035 038 045

I love the variety of hues and how the light can change the color from one moment to the next.

044 043 042 041 036 037 039

The animals are out getting their last good feeds before the harshness and scarcity of winter comes. I love this next shot of a fearless little pronghorn buck his horns just beginning to bud. He stood his ground while I photographed him crossing the road.


Lots of deer out and about too.

051 009 012 014

I love getting up with the sun and getting out on the road such a peaceful time of day and the quiet and solitude of nature is great for soul and restful for the mind.



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Glacier National Park St Mary’s Entrance.

Spent the weekend in Glacier National Park which earns its title Crown of the Continent. It is one of the most beautifully scenic places I have been too. I took a lot of photos I will have to do this in a couple of posts. Today’s post will focus on the main entrance at St. Mary’s which includes the Going to The Sun Road which runs over Logan’s Pass at 6600 feet and then descends at a 6% grade 14 miles down into the avalanche creek valley, Lake MacDonald, and the West Glacier entrance.

This shot is the early morning fog over Divide Mountain which is 8600 feet along Montana Hwy 89 that runs the Blackfeet Indian Nation.


The next few shots were taken at the visitor center at the St Mary’s Entrance to the Park:

005 006 008 010

Early morning is the best time to get to the park the early morning sun makes for dramatic scenery and you don’t have nearly the people and traffic that arrives by noon.

The next shot is of the mountains over St Mary’s Lake. It was near hear that I saw the grizzly bear. Sorry no pics of it he was in the road when I came around the corner and he ran off into the woods before I could the car stopped still it was exciting to see one!!016

The next series is from a short hike in Sun Rift Gorge one of the prettiest places I have walked in a long time. A narrow little gorge with a stream going over one series of small falls one after another with spruce trees growing high all around you. Don’t rush your drive through the park pull over at as many of these scenic overlooks and walks as you can there is so much you can’t see from the road.

023 021 020 019 018 017

091this is Lynch Creek another pull off on the way up to Logan Pass

The road up to Logan pass and down to West Glacier is an engineering marvel a narrow road carved right into the side of the cliff.

It also has some of the most stunning scenery of mountains, valleys, numerous waterfalls and of course the glaciers. Get out of the car and breath the clean air cool air coming off the glaciers and take lots of photos. These next ones are ones I took of a stream that runs down from the glacier and goes over a high waterfall way down in the valley below it is hard to appreciate the size of the water fall as it is 1500-2000 feet below where I am shooting from!

110105109  111

The next are some scenes from Logan Pass which has some great hiking trails the black and white shot is a shot I took hiking across a snow field on the Hidden Lake overlook trail. The second half of the trail was closed due to grizzly bear activity lol.

088 112 106 031 030 033 027 024 034

The rest of the shots are from the end of the Going To The Sun Road as you descend into West Glacier along Avalanche Creek and Lake MacDonald. There are literally dozens of waterfalls along the road and the forests of West Glacier are just beautiful dense spruce forests where the trees and rocks are all moss covered. There is also a shot of a mountain goat that I took at Goat Lick overlook on US Hwy 2 between East and West Glacier I included it with this section because mountain goats and big horn sheep are often seen on the road to Logan Pass. I think the turquoise color of the glacial water is amazing.

112 009 040 042 038 047 035

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