Why I love Montana and the West

It was only natural that I would end up in Montana and loving it. I grew up watching National Geographic, reading Louis LaMour books, and being a student of history. All of the things that I loved growing up I am able to live out as an adult. Rivers like the Missouri, the Platte,the Cimmaron, the Red, that I read about in the western novels I’ve crossed myself. I have stood at discovery point where Lewis and Clark camped at the junction of the Marias and Missouri to decide which river was the Missouri. I remember memorizing Chief Josephs speech in school “….From where the sun stands now, I will fight no more forever. The place where he made that speech is 30 minutes from my house. I have walked across the mighty Missouri, can take a ferry across it and seen the place near the little bighorn where on the lonely greasy grass where Custer rode to his destiny.  I remember watching National Geographic specials on Yellowstone and I have been able to go there. I have seen the herds of elk and buffalo the deer and the coyotes and seen the geysers. I love that 10 minutes in any direction from my house I am out on the high plains of Montana with the mountians off in the distance and have a chance to see deer,elk,antelope,mountian lions. That I can still see cowboys and cowgirls riding there herds or farmers running a combine long after sunset.  I GET TO LIVE EVERYDAY WHAT MOST PEOPLE ONLY EXPERIENCE BY WATCHING THE HISTORY OR DISCOVERY CHANNELS.