End of Autumn

Autumn isn’t quite over yet but each weekend more leaves have fallen and the snow has crept lower down on the mountains.

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The colors are still beautiful!

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I love the variety of hues and how the light can change the color from one moment to the next.

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The animals are out getting their last good feeds before the harshness and scarcity of winter comes. I love this next shot of a fearless little pronghorn buck his horns just beginning to bud. He stood his ground while I photographed him crossing the road.


Lots of deer out and about too.

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I love getting up with the sun and getting out on the road such a peaceful time of day and the quiet and solitude of nature is great for soul and restful for the mind.



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Adventure Cruisin

My early morning drive from Havre Montana out to the Sweetgrass Hills near Whitlash, Montana. I was up with the sun



Cruised down to Fresno Resevoir which was still frozen except around the edges!


Some cliff swallows had made a nest under the picnic shelter where I shooting some of the photos. I suppose that makes them shelter swallows but that makes them sound like the poor birds are underprivileged.


Kremlin Montana


Skyscraper Kremlin, Montana style


Kremlin also gets credit for having the 2nd best piece or yard art for the day, this van rocks, I always wondered what happened to the Mystery Machine after Scoobey Doo went off the air ;D


Other town signs the one for the little town of Rudyard always makes me laugh.

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Best “yard art” of the day goes to Rudyard


The Sugar Shak Diner in Chester, its an awesome town I will do a photo blog on it one day soon, so I will just include this one pic of the town.


The rest of the pics are taken on the gravel roads that head north from Chester to the boarder post of Whitlash Mt. I didnt make it that far today but I did get to the edge of the Sweetgrass Hills near the old one room Hill schoolhouse and the homesteader house nearby a beautiful setting for a home or schoolhouse in the valley at the feet of the Sweetgrass even the antelope in one shot seemed to be checking out the view.

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And one final pic…Zombie Dinasour Terror of the High Plains!!!!!!!!!!!



Why I love Montana and the West

It was only natural that I would end up in Montana and loving it. I grew up watching National Geographic, reading Louis LaMour books, and being a student of history. All of the things that I loved growing up I am able to live out as an adult. Rivers like the Missouri, the Platte,the Cimmaron, the Red, that I read about in the western novels I’ve crossed myself. I have stood at discovery point where Lewis and Clark camped at the junction of the Marias and Missouri to decide which river was the Missouri. I remember memorizing Chief Josephs speech in school “….From where the sun stands now, I will fight no more forever. The place where he made that speech is 30 minutes from my house. I have walked across the mighty Missouri, can take a ferry across it and seen the place near the little bighorn where on the lonely greasy grass where Custer rode to his destiny.  I remember watching National Geographic specials on Yellowstone and I have been able to go there. I have seen the herds of elk and buffalo the deer and the coyotes and seen the geysers. I love that 10 minutes in any direction from my house I am out on the high plains of Montana with the mountians off in the distance and have a chance to see deer,elk,antelope,mountian lions. That I can still see cowboys and cowgirls riding there herds or farmers running a combine long after sunset.  I GET TO LIVE EVERYDAY WHAT MOST PEOPLE ONLY EXPERIENCE BY WATCHING THE HISTORY OR DISCOVERY CHANNELS.