Exploring Frontier America Travel Adventure

So everyone keep me in thoughts prayers and good wishes. I will be starting on a new cross country tour October 24th.  I plan on a year long exploration of America. Its small towns and backroads and scenic places. Other than a small stay with family through the holiday season I will be out on the road exploring rural America travelling camping sightseeing.  I want to see if its really hell to live in Hell North Dakota or if the people of Paradise Kansas have found their own slice of heaven. To know if Stinking Water Creek really stinks or why Bad Axe is called Bad Axe or why Two Dot isn’t three dot or no dot. To see the historic spots that dot our countryside not just read about them. To man up and have adventures and test myself.  To see all the wonderful parks and scenic areas of our nation. To explore the frontier areas of are nation, those counties with less than 5 people per square mile and talk to them and find out what its like where they live. I already live in a frontier area in Montana. Mostly I just want to see and experience America and talk to the people and write their stories and share my photos. Look for new blog updates starting at the end of the month.

Email me or comment on here your thoughts and any suggestions you have. I am interested in out of the way places and small town rural America. 

Rough Day at the Office

A train derailing between Havre and Chinook Montana. It amazes me how the train cars so massive can be broken and tossed about like a toy train suffering the wrath of an angry child.ImageImageImageSo as we go back to work on Monday just remember even if you have a bad day at the office somebody else probably had it a little worse lol

Train in Sepia

Train in Sepia

Havre was grown by the Great Northern Railroad now part of the Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Line. It is the county seat of Hill County Montana named after James Hill owner of the Great Northern. Havre original name was Bullhook Bottoms so glad it was changed