Walking With Wolves and Other Wild Things

A walk along a trail in the early morning  woods on a fine fall like day deep in the Tennessee Mountains. With some amazing companions.

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Snoozing in the sunshine seemed to be the rule of the day. For both the wolves and the bobcat by an old fence line.

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Scenes from along the trail.

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Flowers in the Mountains

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I have lived a lot of places and I think spring in the Blue Ridge Mountains is amazing. Redbuds and Dogwoods in early spring giving way to wild roses and honeysuckle growing on every country fence that leave the air perfumed in late spring into early summer. Crepe Myrtle, tulip trees and magnolias and every imaginable shade of little wildflowers everywhere.

Spokane Visit

I got to go to Spokane in March to speak at a conference and in my free time was able to walk around the river walk park along the Spokane River which had an amazing amount of water going over the falls from the spring snow melt.

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I also got to walk upriver from the falls next to Gonzaga University which is a beautiful campus and it was sunset which turned everything golden as the sun came out after a rain storm.

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End of Autumn

Autumn isn’t quite over yet but each weekend more leaves have fallen and the snow has crept lower down on the mountains.

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The colors are still beautiful!

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I love the variety of hues and how the light can change the color from one moment to the next.

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The animals are out getting their last good feeds before the harshness and scarcity of winter comes. I love this next shot of a fearless little pronghorn buck his horns just beginning to bud. He stood his ground while I photographed him crossing the road.


Lots of deer out and about too.

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I love getting up with the sun and getting out on the road such a peaceful time of day and the quiet and solitude of nature is great for soul and restful for the mind.



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Relaxing Drives and Peaceful Spots

Last weekend it was a quest to find a peaceful spot in the mountains close to where I live. I think I succeeded it was very relaxing by the little beaver pond and as a bonus ripe wild huckleberries to pick.

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This weekend it was to take some relaxing rides down roads I had never been on before I found two of them one between Rudyard and Big Sandy Montana and the other between Chester and Ft Benton Montana. Bonus find the Dancing Beagle Cafe and Bakery which just opened 2 weeks before and has great food and friendliest staff around!! If you are travelling Hwy 2 across Montana pull off into Rudyard and eat that Dancing Beagle –isn’t that the best name for a cafe 😀

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Year in Review –Favorite Shots

Its been just over a year since I started the blog and I just wanted to do a post reviewing some of my favorite shots and adventures.

This is my signature gearing up for adventure and whatever comes my way!



Early 1900s 1 room schoolhouse at Loma, Montana

Early 1900s 1 room schoolhouse at Loma, Montana



The above two shots I like because they show the two dominate historical cultures in Montana. The cliff painting from Montana’s First Peoples and an early one room schoolhouse that served the pioneers.

Next some of the scenery and wildlife of Montana

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Wildflowers of Montana

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Farmin Ranchin Rodeo faces and places of Montana

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Montana history from old pioneer homesteads to small towns to an unfinished command post designed to be a command and control post in a post Nuclear war rising on the empty plains of Montana.

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