My Walk Around Washington DC

I recently got to go to Washinton DC for my work. I had some free time so I wanted to share some pics of my trip.

056 here is one my favorite pics. The Capital Reflecting Pool all frozen over with the Capital in the background.

053 Here I am in front of the Capital atop Ulysses S Grant Memorial or as I prefer to call it the War for Southern Independence Memorial 🙂 It was taken by a very nice Nepalese man visiting DC for the first time too. Below are some shots of the Capital Building at sunrise. I am proud I got up so early since it was 2 hours earlier for me still being on Montana time lol.

030 029 028


Some more shots of the Capital:

035 039 041 048


Next up are the Supreme Court and Library of Congress. It amazed me how big all the buildings were; you see them on tv but you don’t get a sense of how truly large they are until you are there. It does make one feel patriotic.

037 044 042 045


Next are some pics of the War for Southern Independence or as the yankees call it the Ulysses S Grant Memorial: I really liked the sculptures and how they looked all frozen and cold in the weather. It somehow seemed somber and fitting for something remembering such a devastating time in our nations history.

051 050 049 055 054


I walked down the national mall taking pics along the way and stopping in at the National Air & Space Museum along the way. Its really cool and something our country got right in making all the Smithsonian Museums, the Memorials, and National Zoo all free to the public. Here are some shots from the National Air & Space Museum.

072 069 059 061 063 066 068 057


Next up are views of the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial as well as Montana Wreath at the WWII Memorial and the Jefferson Memorial.

088 the Jefferson Memorial087

WWII Memorial: 080 081 086 Next up is the Washington Monument:



The Lincoln Memorial and a couple of random pics:

079 083 091 089


085 033


And some shots of the Smithsonian Castle which looks really cool.

076 074

097 and another of Smithsonian Galleries



and finally I did do some work there. I met with congressional staffers but my main reason was I was invited to speak at the Health Action Conference put on by Families USA. My speech was on the unique challenges and health and social service disparities found in rural areas. It was cool to be a speaker at a conference whose opening speaker was the Vice President of the United States and to make sure the voice of rural Americans was heard. My speech and slideshow is available to review on this blog too!

103 102 107 106 105 111 112