Favorite Drive though Hungry Horse Hollow

I love taking the 30 miles of dirt roads that run though the mountains between Havre and Chinook Montana. They have great names for one thing: Sucker Creek Rd. Clear Creek Rd. Hungry Horse Hollow. Crown Butte Rd. It has beautiful scenery as you run through the pine forests following the ridge line looking down at the ranches that dot the narrow valleys or dive down into the valleys following the creeks that run along the aspen groves. This is a winding sometimes narrow dirt/gravel road that runs through the mountains use some caution and common sense when driving it. Heavy rains can send those creeks over the roads, cause rock slides, and it is an open range area which means there may be cows or sheep on the road. Blaine County did a great job of clearing the wash outs and the rock slides from the flooding a few weeks ago. I do wish though they had put the following signs up so travelers could see them from both directions specifically the direction I was driving lol.


Personally I think this is generally bad advice. Yes if there was a rock slide already in the road driving slow would let you stop better but in most other situations driving fast is better for example:

rock slide starting to happen:  faster is better to get out of the way 😉

muddy area: slow + mud = stuck trust me just gun it and go

water over road: don’t go fast or slow turn around its just not safe

deranged animals or people: faster is better!!

zombies:  faster

I mean really if you are in a danger zone why would you want to go slow and stay in the zone longer. Silliness I say!!

It is a beautiful series of valleys and mountians

011 012 014 015 023

A great area for wildlife watching..I wish I could have gotten the pic of the largest golden eagle I have ever seen but he was over the ridge and gone before I could.

001 003 008 009 010antelope on the plains and deer among the lupine and bluebells.

Here are some of the sheep to which I had to yield the right of way too.

016 017

If you love history there is a lot of pioneering history hear and several old barns and homesteads and other items.

005 006

I love this shot of the windmill on the range. There is an interesting story to the aeromotor windmills. The company was founded in 1888 in Chicago. It is still in business today located in Texas and 80% of the windmills in the USA are aeromotor designs. They continue today with philanthropic works the founder of the company started with a trust that provides funds, scholarships, or grants to over 40 colleges and universities.

Following are some old barns and homesteads:

020 021 022 026 028

I am sure before automobiles and roads there were some hungry days for horses and men back in hungry horse hollow 30 miles from town.

The last pictures are from the town of Lloyd Montana where the general store and post office were founded in 1890 and named for “old man Lloyd” a prospector and one of the first explorers of the area.

029 030 031 033 035


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Wildlife & Warriors Part 2: Bear Paw Battlefield -Nez Perce last stand.

I was glad there were no other visitors at the battlefield today site of the last battle of Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce band after their long trail from Idaho. It needs to be experienced with no sound but that of the wind off the mountains rushing across the plains hissing through the grasses and bringing up the smell of sage in the sun and only a lone antelope for company. It is a hard story to tell to do justice to both sides. For whatever paths of life -whether ill or good-  that had brought these groups to that place together men and boys of both sides died as warriors a long way from their homes on the cold lonely plains of Montana.

033 039

It is a strange mixture of present peace and a past of war and death.


Below is a picture of Snake Creek today its water rapidly rising from the hard rains in the southern Mountains that had fallen all week and were falling again today. It was the main source of water for the Nez Perce but hard to get to as this woman recalls:

..dried meat and some other grub would be handed around. It would be given to the children first. I was 3 days without food. Children cried with hunger and cold. In the small creek there was water, but we could only get to it at night.”


4 days of fighting,shelling,siege,hard deeds, and death.

Below is the scenes from Point of Rocks where Tulhuulhulsuit and five other were killed doing what warriors and men do when evil times come defend the women and children. So peaceful a place for death to have come.

047 043 048

This picture of a bullet scarred rock resting serenely in the grass highlights that strange mixture of peace and war.


Offerings left at the spot of the final surrender and near where Ollikut and Lean Elk fell. Please if you visit do not disturb the offerings left for the fallen it is a place made sacred by the blood of warriors of both sides and should be treated as a burial site and memorial.

-Chief Joseph “…Our chiefs are killed, Looking Glass is dead.Tulhuulhulsuit is dead. the old men are all dead….He who led the young men is dead. It is cold, we have no blankets. The little children are freezing to death. My people some of them, have run away to the hills, and have no blankets, no food. No one knows where they are, perhaps freezing to death. I want to have time to look for my children, and see how many of them I can find. Maybe I shall find them among the dead.”   

051 060

The next to shots are marker for Ollikut’s death site and a little water filled depression which was the mass grave of the soldiers of the 7th Calvary who fell in the battle..so little for those who gave so much. They were at last reburied at the Little Bighorn Battlefield in 1912.

052 058

The last two photos are of the rain storm moving in from the distant mountains. Perhaps even the heavens decided to weep today for what occurred here in the fall of 1877   -Chief Joseph “..from where the sun now stands, I will fight no more, forever.”

053 061

Surely it is only the rushing wind ahead of the storm that cries and moans across the hills and down the deep ravines that I am hearing and not lonely voices crying. Also it is but the changing light that cause dark shapes like smoke and mist to be caught in the corners of the eye and be not there when I turn toward them….or maybe it is the people of this place saying “ Aye you have told our story well- it is good- now leave us in peace again”

Wildlife and Warriors Part 1 Wildlife Museum and Chinook scenes

My adventure cruise today took me to Chinook Montana and The Bear Paw Battlefield site of Chief Joseph’s and Nez Perces last stand. First are some shots from the wild life museum and images from the town.





014 013


016 017 018 020 021 022


Some scenes from around town. I love the elk bar sign



Some cool old windows, a bench, an old advertisement painted on the side of a building and the symbol of the local highschool painted on the sidewalk “Sugarbeeters” I kid you not that really is the name of the Chinook High School.

024 025 026 027 032