Sunday Drive to the Badlands

The Milk River runs outside of town through an area known locally as the badlands. I took a drive along the road that runs up against the bad land cliffs and follows, then looses, and then finds the river again.


I pulled off and took a couple of shots of the red colored cliffs. The badlands have their own unique stark beauty. Different colors in the rocks, weird formations, etc. Beauty is where you find it.

007 006

I like this balancing rock it looks like a giant mushroom.


There were also some man made art I discovered along the way, I will have to go back there are some more of these fence post sculptures I want to photograph. I like the dude doing the sombrero dance lol It looks like he’s waving.  Its like “Hey hat dancing dude, hows it going?”

003 004 010


Horses!  Life has hard trails to travel make sure you saddle a good horse to ride.




I think these last picks in Sepia tone show why the area is called the badlands. A photo of the cliffs and an old small cross on the prairie.

015 014





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