Montana’s Cultural Heritage-Havre’s Hands on History Day

Each year in Havre Montana the H. Earl Clack Museum puts on its Hands on History program at the local mall. Hands on History is a wonderful program that allows children to learn how the pioneers and Native American’s of Montana got things done. They can participate and learn how to: ride horses, pan for gold, tool leather, branding, and much more. The program also has an amazing cultural program featuring Native American dancers, black powder demonstrations, and music that explores the Celtic roots of many of Montana’s early settlers. It is free to attend and watch and children can purchase tickets to participate in the hands on programs the money going to the museum and the Wahkpa Chu’gn Buffalo site. If you are in Montana or sourthern Canada it is will worth the trip. I will post the time and date for this years event as soon as its set. Following are pictures from last year’s event with photos of the Native American Dancers and the Celtic musicians.






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4 thoughts on “Montana’s Cultural Heritage-Havre’s Hands on History Day

    • Thanks so much! I know what you mean I came up to Montana years ago to visit family fell in love with Montana and ended up making my home. Its definitely a great pace to be a photographer 😀

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