Pioneer Story

I have a pioneer story in which 2 of the photographs I posted figure prominently. I met an elderly couple in my office who saw some of my framed pictures. The gentleman told me a great story involving his parents from the early days last century. The first picture is the Galata Motel in Galata Montana.


The 8 room hotel was built to serve cowboys who drove their cattle to the railroad and ranchers who would stay the night after purchasing supplies at the mercantile. The town only boomed for a few years and then in the 1910’s the hotel and the town began to die off. The Campbell family left to make a new life in the big city of Montana. They travelled as many miles as they could each day with the family and livestock and would sleep in hay stacks at night. Except for the one night when they reached Loma Montana and got to stay in “luxury” at the one room schoolhouse there.

Early 1900s 1 room schoolhouse at Loma, Montana

Early 1900s 1 room schoolhouse at Loma, Montana

That’s the thing I love about getting out and taking these historic photos so many of which are close to my home in Havre Montana. I get to meet the people who lived that history and it brings these old places to life for a little. Its also a driving force behind why I take so many of these historic style photos. To help preserve and protect these places for once the people are gone if those structures are gone as well then those memories and our shared history are lost forever. I am getting very serious about bringing attention to these structures to find agencies or private individuals (since many of them are on private land) to preserve these beautifully haunting structures that represent a time when this nation was being built. I hope through sales of my pictures, this blog, and shows that I do to raise awareness and funds to keep the pioneering spirit and relics of the past was fading away and being lost in time.


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