Adventure Cruisin

My early morning drive from Havre Montana out to the Sweetgrass Hills near Whitlash, Montana. I was up with the sun



Cruised down to Fresno Resevoir which was still frozen except around the edges!


Some cliff swallows had made a nest under the picnic shelter where I shooting some of the photos. I suppose that makes them shelter swallows but that makes them sound like the poor birds are underprivileged.


Kremlin Montana


Skyscraper Kremlin, Montana style


Kremlin also gets credit for having the 2nd best piece or yard art for the day, this van rocks, I always wondered what happened to the Mystery Machine after Scoobey Doo went off the air ;D


Other town signs the one for the little town of Rudyard always makes me laugh.

014   016

Best “yard art” of the day goes to Rudyard


The Sugar Shak Diner in Chester, its an awesome town I will do a photo blog on it one day soon, so I will just include this one pic of the town.


The rest of the pics are taken on the gravel roads that head north from Chester to the boarder post of Whitlash Mt. I didnt make it that far today but I did get to the edge of the Sweetgrass Hills near the old one room Hill schoolhouse and the homesteader house nearby a beautiful setting for a home or schoolhouse in the valley at the feet of the Sweetgrass even the antelope in one shot seemed to be checking out the view.

029 026 023 035 037 038 039 040 041

And one final pic…Zombie Dinasour Terror of the High Plains!!!!!!!!!!!



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