Rodeo Circuit

ImageRodeo night for the MSU-Northern Rodeo Team in Havre, Montana. Geared up and ready to ride.

I tried to capture different moments showing the overall feel of the rodeo. I shot the action scenes at a slow shutter speed. I know its cool to “freeze the action” but I felt the blurred effect of the action shots gave a more realistic image of the speed,power,violence,and physical stress the riders and their mounts face.ImageReady to ride — first riders ready to get the action started and here we go.ImageThe shot above I think is perfect for showing the physical challenges face by both rider and horse. The horse bent forward back high in the air nose almost to the ground and the cowboy bent complete back over the horse. Rodeo aint for sissies.ImageCowgirl up!!! Goat ropin competition on a hot dusty night.ImageYou know your a true cowgirl when you can ride, rope, and still come out looking like a lady.ImageImageRodeo GroundsImageTheir event over these cowboys and cowgirl are relaxing and watching the competition through the dust turned golden by the sun going down.ImageRodeo is a tough tough sport as the following shots show. You wanna live that life you better know how to put your big boy pants on and Cowboy or Cowgirl up!!ImageImageImageImageImageA series of shots showing the action away from the action.ImageImageImageImageImageEnd of a long night.ImageGhosts Riders.ImageCowgirls ridin off into the sunsetImage


2 thoughts on “Rodeo Circuit

  1. wonderful photos. I like the sepia tone best, it really captures the “old west” look.. also the ones of the saddle bronc riding..

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