Rough Day at the Office

A train derailing between Havre and Chinook Montana. It amazes me how the train cars so massive can be broken and tossed about like a toy train suffering the wrath of an angry child.ImageImageImageSo as we go back to work on Monday just remember even if you have a bad day at the office somebody else probably had it a little worse lol

Rodeo Circuit

ImageRodeo night for the MSU-Northern Rodeo Team in Havre, Montana. Geared up and ready to ride.

I tried to capture different moments showing the overall feel of the rodeo. I shot the action scenes at a slow shutter speed. I know its cool to “freeze the action” but I felt the blurred effect of the action shots gave a more realistic image of the speed,power,violence,and physical stress the riders and their mounts face.ImageReady to ride — first riders ready to get the action started and here we go.ImageThe shot above I think is perfect for showing the physical challenges face by both rider and horse. The horse bent forward back high in the air nose almost to the ground and the cowboy bent complete back over the horse. Rodeo aint for sissies.ImageCowgirl up!!! Goat ropin competition on a hot dusty night.ImageYou know your a true cowgirl when you can ride, rope, and still come out looking like a lady.ImageImageRodeo GroundsImageTheir event over these cowboys and cowgirl are relaxing and watching the competition through the dust turned golden by the sun going down.ImageRodeo is a tough tough sport as the following shots show. You wanna live that life you better know how to put your big boy pants on and Cowboy or Cowgirl up!!ImageImageImageImageImageA series of shots showing the action away from the action.ImageImageImageImageImageEnd of a long night.ImageGhosts Riders.ImageCowgirls ridin off into the sunsetImage

Spud Wars 2012

Getting together onĀ  a Friday night to fire off spud cannons nothing like firing a cannon for fun. They are muzzle loaders so here is my brother ramming home the “ammo”ImageA perfectly timed shot with the potato exploding out the end of the barrel.ImageThe cannons were launching the spuds 150′ or more it was an awesome time with family and friends.ImageRange master directing the shot lol.ImagePotatos can fly!!!!!!!! not bad for pvc pipe,potatos,and hair spray.ImageEveryone had their own style from shoulder launch to classic bazooka man stance.ImageAlso a lot of fun was the potato slingshot my sis-in-law made.ImageWe drew attention from the neighbors who rode over to add some four wheelin fun to the mix.Image

Saturday Farmers Market

ImageThe Farmers Market in Havre Montana featuring a variety of food offerings from local farmers, Hutterite Colonies, and crafters. ImageThis basket of gourds makes me think of fall. Below are 2 pictures of the Hutterite booths its nice see a cross generational sharing of work and knowledge.ImageImageThe following booths are some random shots of the crafts booths that help add diversity to the market.ImageImageEven trappers which is still a source of provision across the mountian west come down from the hills.ImageNext is one my favorite places at the market when they fire up the grill the whole downtown smells like the best cookout ever. For several years I sold my photographs at the Market a lot of my profits went to these guys.ImageTheir pig on a pole makes for great eating while walking around exploring the market but as their signs show they have a great variety of products.ImageSo if you find yourself on the high plains of Montana near Havre some Saturday stop at the Downtown Farmers Market grab some good eats a huckleberry lemonade and grab some great bargains. Don’t forget to explore the little shops around the square either as a parting shot here is a great display in one the shop windows.Image