Haunting Pea Ridge Battlefield

Pea Ridge Battlefield in the mountains of Arkansas is a place haunted and hallowed by both the Civil War battle that took place there in March of 1861 and the Trail of Tears the path of suffering that eastern nations of Native Americans walked when forcibly removed from their lands east of the Mississippi which … Continue reading

Lament of the Grandfathers–Vision of Native Elders

In the smoke, in the smoke, I see them come. In the smoke of cedar and sage, I see them draw near. They come from each direction each from their place They come they form a circle, they form a sacred circle. There are many that come, they come from all directions they come from … Continue reading

Double Spring Community founded late 1700’s

The following few pics are from a scouting trip and serve as introduction to a small little community in the mountains of Tennessee with a lot of history. Stay tuned for some more pics as I explore the area and learn more of its history. The double springs for which the community was named are … Continue reading

Ft Robinson Nebraska to Salina Kansas

Day 3 Rambling:  Below are scenes from a beautiful morning spent at Ft Robinson State Park and Chadron State Park in Northwest Nebraska:  The scenery at Ft Robinson is as wonderful as the people. Plains full of antelope rolling hills, buttes, hidden canyons, and clear blue lakes. Buffalo and long horn cattle roam the open … Continue reading