Bay’s Mountain TN Fire Tower Trail

First of all let me apologize for the long delay in posting to my blog. My brother was injured severely with crush injuries to his lower legs and will be wheelchair bound for several more months so as primary care giver I haven’t been able to get  out as much. This was an amazing hike … Continue reading

Fall Colors Hike

Early morning hike on a drizzly day to get some pics of the fall colors in the mountains of northeast Tennessee. Start of the trail. Seriously who wouldn’t love to hike this trail. Fall Colors along the lake shore. I love the colors along with the deep blue of the water and against the green … Continue reading

Native American Plains Style Short Lance:

My brother and I have been making hand carved hiking staffs and walking canes for a while (a photo story on those coming soon) this week I decided to try something different: A hand crafted native style short lance: sorry the pics aren’t great. but not bad for my first attempt.